Saturday, July 18, 2015

Drawing inspiration from podcasts

As I have not had a TV in over 15 years, I've been somewhat out of touch with media. Talk radio always fascinated me, radio in general. Since I just got a Nexus 5, I thought I'd try them out.

You have to be very careful with not subscribing to too much material. So I'll only recommend a couple of short and sweet podcasts that cover the more general material, definitely inspirational:

Developer Tea

This podcast is all about "soft-skills" and it talks about improving your developers skill by focusing on yourself and your behavior.

DevOps Mastery

This is introduction material to DevOps. It aims to give you "byte-sized" information on the technology surrounding the field.

Sure, I'm late getting into podcasts, and so it I've gone over a lot of material over again, I should have found these over five years ago, but they weren't around back then, yet exercise brings mastery.

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