Monday, November 23, 2009

appspot is very much like, except its targeted at developers.

Google is making a great move in opening up its development platform to people. This way they are able to see everything that people create and take advantage of it.

There are a lot of concerns today about us using any corporate built tools online. Data is privatized by that corporation and can be resold. Its a genuine thing to do online... Grab some users, offer something free, once you've got your results turn it into a paid for service.

However, Google's approach to tackling the massive amount of data, that we produce on a daily basis, is opening up a lot of its infrastructure to the public.

There are a multitude of concequences to this. Google is now a direct competitor. Amazon offers their S3 service, among others, for hosting. Google hosting isn't exactly new... But what is new is the way content delivery is shifting towards.

To cut things short. J2EE and servlets are finally going to be the development and delivery platform, with an immense amount of local websites sprouting up everywhere.

To tie the knot... You should soon see services supporting almost any production language fairly cheaply anywhere... Why? Because people have their needs. I would go into a conversation about why PHP should be scrapped, but I'm also still pretty sure I'll see a federated wave server running on Redhat using PHP for creating gadgets.

Gmail to Google Apps email migration

Gmail to Google Apps email migration can be surprisingly simple and painless.

It is a shame Google still has no point-click way of moving a google mailbox under a google apps domain. You really have to download everything and upload everything to your new mailbox.

This does mean you either need a nice connection or wait a long time :D