Friday, November 11, 2011

Spotify vs Grooveshark mobile apps review.

While Grooveshark is cool because it works as a Rich Internet Application, having widgets and funky gimmicks... Spotify is kicking butt on native applications, its got tons of features, including automatic sync between PC and Phone if your phone and computer hook up to the same wifi.

I'm not a journalist and I don't put ads on my blog, so I can be lazy enough and not give you an extremely long read... Instead give you my opinion straight away:

If I were to consider the 90 USD per year for Grooveshark, vs the 120 USD per year for Spotify, I'd go with Spotify.

The android app runs great on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000B (which has been running CyanogenMod 7 for the past 4 months straight).

I think some screenshots of the mobile apps will help you see my position:

Grooveshark Dashboard
Grooveshark Playlist list
Grooveshark Settings
My media tab on phone
Spotify Dashboard
Spotify Search screen
Spotify Search Results for Albums
Spotify Search Results for Tracks
Spotify Settings
Spotify Track ACTIONS!!! (long press)
Spotify "welcome" screen :P

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Google Voice launches in Brazil

Google launched its Voice servince in Brazil today, and seems to be rolling it out in the rest of the world.

Google Voice is a Skype-like Voice over IP telephony service that charges around 2 USD cents per minute for landline calls in most countries.

With Microsoft aquiring skype, it makes me wonder if Google has not decided to launch slightly quicker, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

If you've used Skype, you'll know that the call quality can sometimes be poor... Its no different for Google voice.. Often this is subject to your own connection and other factors.

Yet, the service is quite extensive.. Has a ton of advanced telephony features which truly out-play any other VOIP providers out there. However, the full Google Voice isn't yet available, and Google is rolling the service out little by little, starting the the earliest Gmail adopters, so you might not have it available to yet...

To have a good overview of what Google Voice is about, visit their About page: