Friday, July 21, 2017

Correios do Brasil: a morte do e-sedex e a morte do controle de qualidade do correio brasileiro

Gente, não preciso dizer como foi triste ver o correio Brasileiro dar fim ao e-Sedex, porém isso não foi o fim de nossas perdas.

O correio até então, em minha opinião, já funcionou. Encomendas chegavam e as coisas pareciam funcionar.

Desde a decisão de acabar com o E-SEDEX, o rastreamento de objetos de baixo valor parecem a desaparecer mais prontamente... ou demoram mais para chegar.

Que PORRA é essa?

Já não havíamos grande apoio do sistema, não melhorou com a recente mudança de encarecer tudo para o consumidor, e encima de tudo os pacotes internacionais começaram a desaparecer mais ainda:


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Drawing inspiration from podcasts

As I have not had a TV in over 15 years, I've been somewhat out of touch with media. Talk radio always fascinated me, radio in general. Since I just got a Nexus 5, I thought I'd try them out.

You have to be very careful with not subscribing to too much material. So I'll only recommend a couple of short and sweet podcasts that cover the more general material, definitely inspirational:

Developer Tea

This podcast is all about "soft-skills" and it talks about improving your developers skill by focusing on yourself and your behavior.

DevOps Mastery

This is introduction material to DevOps. It aims to give you "byte-sized" information on the technology surrounding the field.

Sure, I'm late getting into podcasts, and so it I've gone over a lot of material over again, I should have found these over five years ago, but they weren't around back then, yet exercise brings mastery.

Monday, November 24, 2014

healthier living and snacking every 3 hours

The change in my diet and a workout plan has had such an impact on my disposition I feel like sharing it, there's probably lots of room for improvement, so let me know.

Apparently it's not only healthier to "snack" every three hours, but it'll also help you lose weight. I'll note that in the past I have tried a vegetarian diet, but as I'm trying to build body mass quickly, right now I'm not.

So, a few friends and family members were quite astonished to see such a radical change. And a cousin in particular was very curious about the weight loss. I have to admit it is a very active regiment. With all the activities I am doing, I must have lost over 15kg in something like 6 months. I didn't keep track very well. I went from slightly over 100kg to 86kg. Today I weighed myself again, and I'm at 91kg. Overall I feel a lot more energetic and constantly I am still seeing fast paced improvement.

Here's what I tried to stick to.

6:30 drink a shake or smoothie
9:30 have a tapioca, sandwich, granola or fruit
10:30 do weights and run at the beach.
12:30 lunch at some buffet
15:30 have a tapioca, sandwich, granola or fruit (avoid eating the same thing twice)
18:30 dinner. salad, omelette or something new.
20:00 muay thai
22:00-23:00 sleep

I will add drinking a pint of water before bed, and right when I wake up.

Here are some recipes for inspiration.

The shake!

So easy, so fast... in 5 minutes a full pint of a high-powered superfood smoothie. Here's my favourite:

3 oranges freshly squeezed
1 banana
5 strawberries
3 teaspoons quinoa
3 teaspoons amaranth
1 teaspoon raw maca powder
1 teaspoon raw tribullis terrestris powder
1 teaspoon raw guarana powder


This is also super simple and fast to prepare... though you need some bulk preparation over the weekend to get the tapioca powder ready.

pre-prepared tapioca powder with:

cream cheese


ham and cheese


coconut, walnut and jam


Brown bread

or a simple brown-bread ham-cheese toastie with ketchup.


I eat plain avocados with just lime juice, which my parents showed me, and I found it was pretty nice. Here there are so many choices, I often have tangerines, papaya, mango or melon.

This diet isn't terribly difficult, I haven't stopped eating at all, in fact I'm eating more than I used to. It's a few things you have to avoid, like refined foods, instead use whole grains or unprocessed foods like brown sugar, Here's what I try to stick away from:

  • white sugar

    in general sugar is just bad, you don't need to add it to your diet at all. anything with added sugar must go, of course you knew this... but since it's hard to get away from a sweet tooth, use brown sugar if you must, I use it, but have constantly reduced it.

  • white bread


  • white rice

    I didn't even notice a difference on the switch. Except that it takes slightly longer to cook. A little more chewy which I kinda like.

  • coffee

    This is quite a strong stimulant and I feel that removing it makes it easier to sense how fit I feel for the day. You shouldn't push yourself too far, or you risk hurting yourself, slow and steady is better.

  • alcohol

    Not only do alcoholic beverages add sugars, many carbohydrates, and do other bad things I can't really name. It helps to break down the proteins I'm trying to absorb to build body mass. It doesn't help at all. The caipirinhas must go... at most I have a beer or two. Now I leave them for the weekend.

  • tobacco

    kills your workout performance and disposition. if you try to push yourself at the gym you will break down quickly instead of being able to do 2-3 minute burst exercises for kicking or punching.

I may still consume these things, but only according to the new SLA! Probably less than a percent of what I originally consumed. Reducing consumption has been the easiest and most "painless" way of doing a 180 onto a healthy diet. It started with cutting down on sugar, such as drinking plain black coffee, and running every other day, slowly cutting down on the tobacco every, without tobacco coffee reduced on it's own, and the same happened with alcohol. Eventually I joined a gym and started doing weights and martial arts. Fell of the wagon a couple of times, injured myself from over-training a couple of times. About a year into it now and my appetite is huge. With all the exercise, eating cruciferous greens and proteins, I'm supposed to be motivating the production of lots of HGH. Noticeable changes in body mass are slowly but surely happening. Recently I heard that this high-protein, anabolic, testosterone inducing, diet could increase the chances of contracting cancer since all the HGH will be helping it move along faster. Certainly NO WARRANTIES given out here! Use at your own risk. But I'm sure it's better than sitting at home all day in front of the computer smoking and drinking lots of coffee. ;p

Friday, November 07, 2014


starting devops

picking tools

###Backing up all the things

- encryption
- keys
- home
- github
- gitannex

###Virtualize all the things

- vagrant
- virtualbox
- ec2
- docker

###Provisioning all the things

- inithooks
- aws cli
- ansible
- scaling
- hosting
- topology

###Logging all the things

- redis
- elasticsearch
- logstash
- kibana
- neo4j

###Testing all the things

- travis
- jenkins

###Reporting all the things

- dashboards

###Developing one little thing that uses all the things

- python
- nodejs

Web Applications


- landing
- authentication
- shop
- analytics


- dokku
- deis



- travis + github
- email
- irc
- zapzap
- skype
- screenshare
- phonecalls


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New camouflage for spam.

I have a pretty good sense for virii in e-mails, spam links, etc. But every now and again we all fall for one. After all, I just woke up and was checking e-mails...

What gets to me though, is that I actually went off and read an article because the e-mail had the name of a guy I actually respect a lot.

Now I have to admit, these spammers are getting pretty sophisticated.

The first thing I noticed was this site had the name of my city on the article title, but nowhere in the article did it mention my city.

After I figured out the link I received was spam, I went back again to double check the spam, and I noticed three new features I hadn't seen before.

1 - The city's name in the title is actually dynamic and gotten through Geo-IP.
2 - The e-mail that sent me the link had a friend's name, probably stolen through Facebook.
3 - The inbound link uses A/B testing, and presents two entirely different articles and products! (this is what surprised me the most, these guys are getting smart)

Now, it gets to me that it is not illegal for people to do this. It is perfectly legal for someone to market some placebo, lie about it having magical properties, and spam people to drive sales.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Apartment in hartje Amsterdam closing.

For the past year I've been subletting my apartment, its been rough business.. Cleaned the place well, and packed everything, it looks depressingly empty just like when I first moved in.

I really missed Amsterdam. I miss Amsterdam still. I'll miss it even more when I go.


- file income tax.
- close dutch company.
- pick movers quote.
- hand in keys.

Bye Amsterdam :'(

Friday, November 11, 2011

Spotify vs Grooveshark mobile apps review.

While Grooveshark is cool because it works as a Rich Internet Application, having widgets and funky gimmicks... Spotify is kicking butt on native applications, its got tons of features, including automatic sync between PC and Phone if your phone and computer hook up to the same wifi.

I'm not a journalist and I don't put ads on my blog, so I can be lazy enough and not give you an extremely long read... Instead give you my opinion straight away:

If I were to consider the 90 USD per year for Grooveshark, vs the 120 USD per year for Spotify, I'd go with Spotify.

The android app runs great on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000B (which has been running CyanogenMod 7 for the past 4 months straight).

I think some screenshots of the mobile apps will help you see my position:

Grooveshark Dashboard
Grooveshark Playlist list
Grooveshark Settings
My media tab on phone
Spotify Dashboard
Spotify Search screen
Spotify Search Results for Albums
Spotify Search Results for Tracks
Spotify Settings
Spotify Track ACTIONS!!! (long press)
Spotify "welcome" screen :P