Friday, January 01, 2010

iPhone 3Gs vs Nokia 6310i - rant alert

I'm pretty sure i'd piss off Apple fans by saying the iPhone sucks. But lets be fair. The iPhone is suffering from Steve Job's crazy ideology setbacks.

This is just a rant, and I'm not going to go into specs. Its an unfair comparison after all. The Nokia 6310i, which was released in late 2002, kicks the iPhone's ass in functionality.

Sure, it can't render a webpage in colour. The screen is monochrome. And there's no streaming of audio on the Nokia either. However since the iPhone's got limited support for that, I think the Nokia's leading on several points. Here are my serious getups with the iPhone.

  • Battery lifetime.
    The iPhone's battery, after geeking around just a little bit... simply goes flat. Seriously, what's up with that? I mean... I can literally see the percentage tick off of the iPhone when using it
  • Bluetooth.
    What's up with Bluetooth support?! Has anyone ever seen such a handicapped device?
  • Flash and Javascript.
    come on!!! Get with the program. We want to use the rich web applications. The iPhone won't load up any standard-compliant content rich web-applications, which just makes me a sad panda.
  • Why connect to iTunes for updates?
    I can understand connecting to the PC for uploading music and possibly a couple of other media intensive things... Even for rescuing your iPhone case it crashes. But seriously? Why can't you download a kernel patch and apply it automatically over G3?
I never really wanted a Macintosh. It never attracted me. Lately I've been wanting a MacBook pretty bad because every developer tutorial out there seems to be using a friggin' Mac. But I'm feeling a lot of duality to Steve Job's ideological approach to Apple's products. C'mon guys, really... Apple's worst failures are problems that seemed solved long ago. To me it shows outrageous neglect.

Please oh please dear Google, get a little more aggressive with uncooperative companies and start giving them a well deserved whooping by competing directly with them.