Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Building Internet Spaceships

I got a job offer in Brazil and I'm going to take it.

To me this is a dream opportunity, building games at a dream location: Florianópolis.

The company is called Hoplon. They build a sci-fi space simulation MMORPG called Taikodom.

I've always wanted to work with games. While the situation in Europe is improving through early 2010, finding gigs in Holland is still pretty hard. With this job offer I've had to turn down a gig for a small application I was going to develop for the iPhone...  So if anyone is interested in taking over this, you should be located in Amsterdam and have an interest in beer!

To all those I leave behind in Amsterdam. I'll miss you all. Come visit me some time.


Conrado said...

Plane leaves on 16/03/2010

Conrado said...

Due to things being too busy at Hoplon and my not being able to keep up with everything, my contract wasn't renewed.

This is a good thing for me... I came to Florianopolis looking for better health, and working at Hoplon wasn't really healthy for me.

So, currently looking for a job to start in one to two weeks.